The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2021 Project Peer Review virtually on March 8‒12, 2021; March 15‒16, 2021; and March 22‒26, 2021. The presentations from the Systems Development and Integration Program session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2021 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Presentation Title Speaker Organization
Systems Development & Integration Introduction Liz Moore Bioenergy Technologies Office
Determination of the Feasibility of Biofuels in Marine Applications - ORNL Part II Mike Kass Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Evaluation of Bio-Oils for Use in Marine Engines Brian Kaul Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Materials Degradation of Biomass-Derived Oils Jim Keiser Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Opportunities in BioJet: Baselining and Evaluation OBBE - SNL Anthe George Sandia National Laboratories
Swirl Stove: Swirling Combustion for Efficient Wood Burning Paul LaPorte MF Fire Inc.
Fire MAPS Paul LaPorte MF Fire Inc.
Integrated Computational Tools to Optimize and De-Risk Feedstock Handling & High-Pressure Reactor Peter Ciesielski National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Improved Biomass Feedstock Materials Handling and Feeding Engineering Data Sets, Design Methods, and Modeling/Simulation Tools James Dooley Forest Concepts, LLC
Integrated Process Optimization for Biochemical Conversion Sandra Eksioglu University of Arkansas
Analytical Modeling of Biomass Transport and Feeding Systems Michael Ladisch Purdue University
Virtual Engineering of Low-Temperature Conversion Jonathan Stickel National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Process Monitoring and Predictions of Biorefinery Performance Anne Starace National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Modeling Flow Behavior in a Disc-Refiner for DMR process Xiaowen Chen National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Scientific Methods for Biomass Reference Scenarios Keith Kline Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bio-C2G Model for Rapid, Agile Assessment of Biofuel and Co-Product Routes Corinne Scown Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Feedstock to Function: Improving Bio-Based Product and Fuel Development through Adaptive Techno-Economic and Performance Modeling Vi Rapp Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Biomass Feedstock User Facility - Improving Bale Deconstruction and Material Flow Neal Yancey Idaho National Laboratory
BFNUF Upgrade Luke Williams Idaho National Laboratory
ABPDU Operations Deepti Tanjore Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Biochemical Pilot Scale Support and Process Integrations Dan Schell National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Solid Lignin Recovery Dan Schell National Renewable Energy Laboratory
PNNL Hydrothermal PDUs Dan Anderson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Engineering of Catalyst Scale Up - NREL Fred Baddour National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Optimization of Carbon Efficiency for Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis (CFP) and Hydrotreating Kristiina Iisa National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Bio-Oil Coprocessing with Refinery Streams Kim Magrini National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Process Scale-Up to Production Environments David Robichaud National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Developing Hydrotreating Models Using Machine Learning Mariefel Olarte Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Integrated Reactive Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis System for Advanced Hydrocarbon Biofuels Dave Dayton Research Triangle Institute
Biocrude Production and Upgrading to Renewable Diesel Dave Dayton Research Triangle Institute
Small Scale Decentralized Fuel Production Facilities Via Advanced Heat Exchanger-Enabled Biorefineries Ravi Chandran ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc.
Improved Feeding and Residual Solids Recovery System for IBR Ravi Chandran Thermochemical Recovery International Inc.
Integration of IH2 with the Cool Reformer for the Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass to Drop-In Fuels Terry Marker Gas Technology Institute
Cool GTL for the Production of Jet Fuel from Biogas Terry Marker Gas Technology Institute
Low Carbon Hydrocarbon Fuels From Industrial Off Gas Laurel Harmon LanzaTech
Ultra-Low Sulfur Winterized Diesel Laurel Harmon LanzaTech
Higher Energy-Content Jet Blending Components Derived from Ethanol Gozdem Kilaz Purdue University
Agricultural and Woody Biomass to Diesel Fuel with Bio-oil Intermediate Matthew Summers West Biofuels, LLC
HYPOWERS: Hydrothermal Processing of Wastewater Solids Jeff Moeller Water Research Foundation (WRF)
Advance Biofuels and Bioproducts with AVAP Kim Nelson AVAPCO LLC
Hybrid HEFA-HDCJ Process for the Production of Jet Fuel Blendstocks Manuel Garcia-Perez Washington State University
Drop-In Renewable Jet Fuel from Brown Grease via the Biofuels ISOCONVERSION Process Jocelyn Goodwin Applied Research Associates
Novel Method for Biomass Conversion to Renewable Jet Fuel Blend Mukund Karanjikar Technology Holding LLC
Upgrading of Stillage Syrup into Single Cell Protein for Aquaculture Feed Carissa Kessler White Dog Labs
Pilot-Scale Algal Oil Production David Hazlebeck Global Algae Innovations, Inc.
Pilot-Scale Biochemical and Hydrothermal Integrated Biorefinery (IBR) for Cost-Effective Production of Fuels and Value Added Products Rajesh Shende South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Multistream Integrated Biorefinery Enabled by Waste Processing Joshua Yuan Texas A&M Agrilife Research
TRIFTS Catalytic Conversion of Biogas to Drop-In Renewable Diesel Fuel Devin Walker T2C Energy, LLC
Advancing Wood Heater Evaluation Methodology for Accelerating Innovation Tom Butcher BNL