The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2021 Project Peer Review virtually on March 8‒12, 2021; March 15‒16, 2021; and March 22‒26, 2021. The presentations from the Advanced Algal Systems Program session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2021 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Presentation Title Speaker Organization
Introduction to Advanced Algal Systems Christy Sterner Bioenergy Technologies Office
Independent Verifications of Algae Projects John Lewis National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Functional Characterization of Cellular Metabolism Scott Twary Los Alamos National Laboratory
REAL HYPE: Respiration Engineering of Algal Losses for High Yields and Productivity Enhancement Anne Ruffing Sandia National Laboratories
IGET: Informatics-Based Genetic tools for rapid Enhancement of production strains Blake Hovde Los Alamos National Laboratory
Multiscale Characterization of Improved Algae Strains Taraka Dale Los Alamos National Laboratory
DISCOVR Michael Huesemann DISCOVR Consortium
Algae Biotechnology Partnership Michael Guarnieri National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Genetic Blueprint of Microalgae Carbon Productivity Igor Grigoriev Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & Los Alamos National Laboratory
Algal Translational Genomics (ATG) Shawn Starkenburg Los Alamos National Laboratory
Life Cycle Analysis Troy Hawkins Argonne National Laboratory
Marine Algae Industrialization Consortium (MAGIC): Combining Biofuels and High-Value Bioproducts to Meet RFS Zachary Johnson Duke University
Rewiring Algal Carbon Energetics for Renewables Lieve Laurens National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Integrated Low Cost and High Yield Microalgal Biofuel Intermediates Production John Benemann MicroBio Engineering Inc.
Algae Cultivation from Flue Gas with High CO2 Utilization Efficiency David Hazlebeck Global Algae Innovations
Innovations in Algae Cultivations David Hazlebeck Global Algae Innovations
Optimizing Selection Pressures and Pest Management to Maximize Algal Biomass Yield Alina Corcoran The New Mexico Consortium
Improving the Productivity and Performance of Large-Scale Integrated Algal Systems for Wastewater Treatment and Biofuel Production Lance Schideman University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Algal Productivity Enhancements by Rapid Screening and Selection of Improved Biomass and Lipid Producing Phototrophs (APEX) Matthew Posewitz Colorado School of Mines
Decision-Model Supported Algal Cultivation Process Enhancement John McGowen Arizona State University
Algae Technology Educational Consortium Cindy Gerk National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Microalgae Analysis Mark Wigmosta Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Success Through Synergy: Increasing Cultivation Yield and Stability with Rationally Designed Consortia Shawn Starkenburg Los Alamos National Laboratory & The New Mexico Consortium
High-Throughput Directed Evolution of Marine Microalgae and Phototrophic Consortia for Improved Biomass Yields Matthew Posewitz Colorado School of Mines
SOFAST: Streamlined Optimization of Filamentous Arthrospira / Spirulina Traits Rachelle Lim Lumen Bioscience
Developing Advanced Genetic and Synthetic Biology Tools for Improved Algae Productivity Stephen Mayfield University of California, San Diego
Microbiome Engineering of Desmodesmus to Alleviate Carbon Limitation Xavier Mayali Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
A Comprehensive Strategy for Stable, High Productivity Cultivation of Microalgae with Controllable Biomass Composition Sridhar Viamajala University of Toledo
Prevention of Low Productivity Periods in Large-Scale Microalgae Cultivation Aga Pinowska Global Algae Innovations
Protective Bacteria in Algal Ponds: Inducible Protection to Maximize Response Rhona Stewart Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chytrid Control Advancing Algal Targets (ChytCAAT) Ty Samo Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Membrane Carbonation for 100% Efficient Delivery of Industrial CO2 Gases Bruce Rittmann Arizona State University
Enhanced Algal Production of Carbonic Anhydrase for Improved Atmospheric Delivery of CO2 to Ponds Andrew Allen J. Craig Venter Institute
Carbon Utilization Efficiency in Marine Algae Biofuel Production Systems Through Loss Minimization and Carbonate Chemistry Modification Zachary Johnson Duke University
Integrating an Industrial Source and Commercial Algae Farm with Innovative CO2 Transfer Membrane and Improved Strain Technologies Ken Reardon Colorado State University
Multipronged Approach of Improved Biological and Physicochemical Systems to Improving Carbon Utilization by Cyanobacterial Cultures Wim Vermass Arizona State University
Air Carbon for Algae Production - AirCAP John Benemann MicroBio Engineering Inc.
Direct Air Capture of CO2 and Delivery to Photobioreactors for Algal Biofuel Production Christopher W. Jones Georgia Institute of Technology
Attached Periphytic Algae Production and Analysis Ryan W. Davis Sandia National Laboratories
Algal Biomass Composition Lieve Laurens National Renewable Energy Laboratory
LEAF: Leveraging Algae Traits for Fuels Amanda Barry Sandia National Laboratories
Algal Feedstocks Logistics and Handling Brad Wahlen Idaho National Laboratory
Cyanobacteria Photosynthetic Energy Platform Jianping Yu National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Thermochemical Interface Dan Anderson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
HTL Model Development Lesley Snowden-Swan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Algal Biofuels Techno-Economic Analysis Ryan Davis National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Bioconversion of Algal Carbohydrates and Proteins to Fuels Ryan W. Davis Sandia National Laboratories
CAP Process Research Jacob Kruger National Renewable Energy Laboratory