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The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE's) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its virtual 2021 Project Peer Review on March 8‒12, 2021; March 15‒16, 2021; and March 22‒26, 2021. Projects in BETO’s research and development portfolio were presented to the public and systematically reviewed by external subject-matter experts from industry, academia, and federal agencies. Simultaneous review sessions of projects across the BETO technology areas occurred.

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2021 Project Peer Review Report

The 2021 Project Peer Review report will be published at a later date. 


Download the 2021 Project Peer Review top-level and detailed agendas here


All 2021 Project Peer Review presentations will be available by each session below.  

Opening plenary presentations:

  • March 8, 2021 Opening Plenary

Technology session presentations:

  • Advanced Algal Systems Program
  • Agile BioFoundry Consortium
  • Biochemical Conversion and Lignin Utilization
  • Catalytic Upgrading
  • CO2 Utilization
  • Co-Optimization of Fuels and Engines
  • Data, Modeling, and Analysis Program
  • Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium
  • Feedstock Technologies Program
  • Organic Wastes
  • Performance-Advantaged Bioproducts, Bioprocessing Separations, and Plastics
  • Systems Development and Integration Program