The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2021 Project Peer Review virtually on March 8‒12, 2021; March 15‒16, 2021; and March 22‒26, 2021. The presentations from the Feedstock Technologies Program session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2021 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Presentation Title Speaker Organization
Feedstock Technologies Mark Elless Bioenergy Technologies Office
Next Generation Logistics Systems for Delivering Optimal Biomass Feedstocks to Biorefining Industries in the Southeastern United States Tim Rials The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Improved Advanced Biomass Logistics Utilizing Woody and Other Feedstocks in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest Tim Volk The State University of New York
Next-Generation Feedstocks for the Emerging Bioeconomy DK Lee University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sustainable Herbaceous Energy Crop Production in the Southeast United States Ted Wilson Texas A&M University
Next Generation Miscanthus: Hybrid Performance Evaluation and Enhanced, Sustainable Feedstock Production and Supply in the Southeast U.S. for Biofuels and Bioproducts Mari Chinn North Carolina State University
Characterization of Mechanical Biomass Particle-Particle and Particle-Wall Interactions Hojae Yi Pennsylvania State University
Enhanced Feedstock Characterization and Modeling to Facilitate Optimal Preprocessing and Deconstruction of Corn Stover David Hodge Montana State University
SWIFT: Single-Pass, Weather Independent Fractionation Technology for Improved Property Control of Corn Stover Feedstock Matthew Digman University of Wisconsin
Feedstock Supply Chain Analysis Dave Thompson Idaho National Laboratory
Supply Scenario Analysis Matthew Langholtz Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Seed Project - Changes of Price Elasticity of Select Waste Feedstock With Increased Demand Matthew Langholtz Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Resource Mobilization Damon Hartley Idaho National Laboratory
Feedstock Harvesting & Storage: Post-Harvest Management for Quality Preservation William Smith Idaho National Laboratory
Value-Added Process Intensification in the Supply Chain Lynn Wendt Idaho National Laboratory
Biomass Size Reduction, Drying and Densification Jaya Tumuluru Idaho National Laboratory
Standardized Risk Assessment and Critical Property Analytics Rachel Emerson Idaho National Laboratory
Seed Project - Municipal Solid Waste Decontamination Vicki Thompson Idaho National Laboratory
Torrefaction of Sorted MSW pellets for uniform biopower feedstock Jordan Klinger Idaho National Laboratory