The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2021 Project Peer Review virtually on March 8‒12, 2021; March 15‒16, 2021; and March 22‒26, 2021. The presentations from the Opening Plenary session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2021 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Presentation Title Speaker Organization
DOE, EERE, and Transportation Sector Overview and Administration Priorities Michael Berube EERE
Peer Review Introduction Daniel Fishman BETO
BETO Overview Valerie Sarisky-Reed BETO
Data, Modeling, and Analysis Overview Jay Fitzgerald BETO
Feedstock Technologies Overview Nichole Fitzgerald BETO
Advanced Algal Systems Overview Nichole Fitzgerald BETO
Conversion Technologies Overview Kevin Craig BETO
Systems Development and Integration Overview Jim Spaeth BETO
Aviation and Marine Biofuels Special Topic Zia Haq BETO
Plastics Special Topic Gayle Bentley BETO
Carbon Utilization Special Topic Ian Rowe BETO