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The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Enterprise Assessments (EA) performs independent assessments for DOE senior leadership that report on whether national security material and information assets are appropriately protected and whether Departmental operations provide for the safety of its employees and the public.  In addition, EA implements congressionally-authorized contractor enforcement programs, operates the DOE National Training Center (NTC), and maintains collaborative relationships within and outside the Department.

Because EA reports directly to the Office of the Secretary, it is organizationally independent of the DOE entities that develop and implement security and safety policy and programs and can therefore provide a “check and balance” function by objectively:

  1. Observing and reporting on the performance of DOE Federal and contractor organizations’ implementation of security and safety policies and programs
  2. Applying enforcement actions to contractor organizations for poor performance in adhering to legally enforceable security and safety requirements
  3. Developing and delivering security and safety training programs that reflect best practices and lessons learned from EA independent assessments to enhance workforce performance



William A. Eckroade
Acting Director, Office of Enterprise Assessments
Kevin Dressman
Acting Director, Office of Enforcement
Anthony Pierpoint
Director, Office of Worker Safety and Health Enforcement
Jon Thompson
Director, Office of Nuclear Safety Enforcement
Carrianne J. Zimmerman
Director, Office of Security Enforcement
John S. Boulden III
Director, Office of Cyber and Security Assessments
William Fred West
Director, Office of Cyber Assessments
James (Jim) Lund
Director, Office of Security Assessments
Thomas “Clay” Messer
Deputy Director, Office of Security Assessments
Tom Staker
Director, Office of Environment, Safety and Health Assessments
William E. Miller
Deputy Director, Office of Environment, Safety and Health Assessments
Gene Carpenter
Director, Office of Nuclear Safety and Environmental Assessments
Kevin G. Kilp
Director, Office of Worker Safety and Health Assessments
Jerry McAteer
Director, Office of Emergency Management Assessments
Steven C. Simonson
Director, Office of Outreach and Analysis and Senior Technical Advisor
Karen L. Boardman
Karen L. Boardman - Director, National Training Center
Barbara R. Pruitt
Deputy Director, Office of Resources, Communications and Congressional Affairs