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The mission of the Office of Budget (CF-30) is to plan for, formulate, execute, analyze, and defend the Department of Energy's budget; to manage the corporate funds control process; and to serve as the external liaison for the Department of Energy on matters related to its budget.


  • Coordinate and manage the Department's budget formulation, presentation, and execution processes.
  • Provide central administration of Departmental appropriations, allotments, and financial controls.
  • Formulate procedures for budgetary allocations and controls, reprogrammings, deferrals, and other financial actions.
  • Develop budget tables, histories, statistics, and other data required for budget planning and control.
  • Provide support to and liaison with OMB and Congressional Appropriations Committees on all budget formulation and budget execution matters.
  • Provide independent analytical support to senior Departmental management on budget matters, including hearing preparation, and support Departmental decision making.

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