Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation (ASI) includes research to develop advanced sensors, instrumentation and controls that address critical technology gaps for monitoring and controlling existing and advanced reactors and supporting fuel cycle development.

The ASI program vision is to ultimately provide technology that is qualified, validated, and ready to be adapted by the nuclear industry.

The ASI program research is organized in the following research areas:

Sensors and Instrumentation. Research, qualify, and develop reliable and cost-effective sensors that are able to provide real-time, accurate, and high-resolution measurements of the performance of existing and advanced reactors’ cores, fuel cycle systems, and plant systems.

Advanced Control Systems. Research and develop control algorithms to enable near real-time control of plant or experimentation process variables to enhance plant reliability, availability, thermal performance, and resilience.

Communication. Research and develop resilient communication technologies to enable real-time transmission of sufficient data for online monitoring and advanced data analytics.

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Research and develop machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to enable semi-autonomous operations and maintenance by design using heterogeneous and unstructured data.

ASI program information, including award summaries, newsletters, and webinars, can be found in the ASI Documents.

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