The overall purpose of the Advanced Methods for Manufacturing (AMM) Crosscut program is to accelerate innovations that reduce the cost and schedule of constructing new nuclear plants and make fabrication of nuclear power plant components faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Based on past industry work and new stakeholder input, this effort will focus on opportunities that provide simplified, standardized, and labor-saving outcomes for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, and construction processes (both technologies and methods) and show the most promise in shortening timelines and lowering overall deployment costs.

The innovations selected for further development under the AMM subprogram will collectively provide a major means of moving the U.S. nuclear industry from earlier “piece part” assembly approaches into a future as sophisticated as any other major comparable industrial sector—foreign or domestic. The technologies and techniques researched will dramatically improve performance for advanced reactors and fuel cycle concepts. DOE will also engage the help of the nuclear industry and NRC to develop new/revised nuclear industry codes and standards that enable the utilization of newly developed technologies.

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