Expanding on the technology sectors featured in LPO’s Monthly Application Activity Report, the wide spectrum of industries highlighted below provide a more comprehensive view of the technological innovations and projects within LPO’s portfolio and pipeline.


Illustration of advanced nuclear project

Reacting to the Challenge: LPO investments in next-generation nuclear projects help generate safe, abundant, reliable power.  

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Driving American Innovation: LPO investments are accelerating the resurgence of American auto manufacturing.

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Growing American Energy: LPO investments in renewable biofuels and chemicals help harvest the nation’s resources for a clean economy.

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Containing Carbon: LPO investments in carbon management projects help avoid and remove emissions.  

Illustration of hydrogen projects

Fueling Possibilities: LPO investments in clean hydrogen projects span energy generation, energy storage, and advanced transportation.   


Towers of Power: LPO investments help utility-scale solar reach new heights in the American southwest.

Illustration of critical materials project

Tackling Mission Critical: LPO investments in critical materials projects help create quality American jobs and secure domestic supply chains for the clean energy future.  

Web Banner for the illustrated Transmission Poster

Lighting the Way: LPO investments in a modern grid help equip America for an electrified future.   

Web Banner for the illustrated Storage Poster

Reaching Full Potential: LPO investments across energy storage technologies help ensure clean power is there when it’s needed.  


Groundbreaking Clean Energy: LPO investments draw the benefits of America's geothermal resources to the surface.


Building the Clean Economy: LPO investments in industrial decarbonization projects help lay the foundation for a decarbonized economy. 

Illustration of offshore wind farm under construction with onshore wind farm in background

Harnessing the Ocean Breeze: LPO investments across the offshore wind value chain help bring jobs and clean energy to American shores.


Turning Toward the Future: LPO investments harness the power of the wind from Hawaii to Maine.


Powering New Markets: LPO investments launched utility-scale solar in the United States.


Rising and Shining: LPO investments across the solar supply value chain help create quality jobs, strengthen domestic manufacturing, and harness the power of the sun.

Illustration of city powered by virtual power plants

Shifting the Power: LPO investments in virtual power plant projects help advance equitable clean energy access and empower Americans to support grid flexibility, resilience, and reliability.