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For the comfort stations equipped with storage tanks, 100% of the hot water comes from the solar hot water system.

LocationSulphur, Oklahoma
System TypeSolar hot water
System Size500-gal tank (small stations) and 1,000-gal tank (large stations)
Installation CostNot available
Project Completion1994 and 2000
Project Savings9,394 kWh/year totaling $867/year (small station) and 18,194 kWh/year totaling $1,789/year (large station)
Load Service AreaComfort stations
Project ChampionKent Bullard
FEMP AssistanceFeasibility study, design development, design review, and system performance evaluation

The solar hot water system provides water to comfort stations at a consistent temperature of 105°F. Tanks store hot water for each of the stations: 500 gallons for the small stations and 1,000 gallons for the large stations. Water demand is reduced by the use of low-flow showerheads and 1-minute push-button timers.

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