Solar panels set up in the woods of Yellowstone National Park.
Lightbulb illustrating 100%.

The PV system provides 100% of the site's power. The site was previously served by a propane tank, and propane deliveries were very costly.

LocationYellowstone National Park, Wyoming
System TypePhotovoltaic (PV)
System Size18 kW
Installation CostNot available
Project Completion2011
Project SavingsReduced life cycle costs by approximately 26%, from $400,000 to $295,000
Load Service AreaBechler Ranger Station
Project ChampionHarold Anderson
FEMP AssistanceFeasibility study, funding, design development, design review, and system performance evaluation

Yellowstone National Park operates the Bechler Ranger Station from late May to early November. This remote outpost accommodates six to eight park rangers and functions as a contact station for visitors entering the backcountry. In 2011, the park constructed a mobile system with 32 280-W multi-silicon PV modules, 2,500 amp hours of battery storage at 48 volts, a 183-amp charge controller, and three inverters, totaling 18 kW of capacity.

A case study about Bechler Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park is also available.

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