Expansive view of mountains at Glacier National Park.
Lightbulb illustrating 100%.

99% of the visitor center's electricity comes from micro-hydroelectric power supplied via an on-site dam. The remaining 1% is generated from PV systems.

LocationGoat Haunt, Montana
System TypePhotovoltaic (PV)
System Size3.6 kW
Installation Cost$5,000
Project Completion1994 and 2010
Project SavingsReduced fuel costs
Load Service AreaGoat Haunt International Visitor Center
Project ChampionJim Foster
FEMP AssistanceDesign development, design review, funding assistance, and system performance evaluation

Glacier National Park is an early pioneer and sustaining member of the NPS Go Green campaign. The seasonally open visitor center just south of the Canadian border obtains its electricity from over 3,600 W of solar panels (an older 1,280-W rooftop PV system and a newer 2,320-W system). Both are integrated into the site to enhance visual quality.

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