Cyclist riding through the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Lightbulb illustrating 100%.

300 solar-powered barricade lights replace 300 alkaline battery-powered barricade lights along 469 miles of mainline roadway of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

LocationVirginia and North Carolina
System TypePhotovoltaic (PV)
System Size1,560 kW
Installation Cost$56,000
Project Completion2012
Project Savings$19,000/year (estimated) in materials and labor hours, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and hazardous waste (alkaline batteries)
Load Service Area469 miles of parkway
Project ChampionsMichael Molling and Debra Northrop
FEMP AssistanceAFFECT funding, design development, design review, and system performance evaluation

Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most visited parks in the national park system. Its 1,560-kW PV system includes 300 safety lights, which provide lighting for nighttime visitors and improve site visibility throughout the day. The PV panels operate with rechargeable batteries to power LED lamps during the night.

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