Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area parking lot and visitor center.
Lightbulb illustrating 80%.

A geothermal cooling system provides about 80% of hot water needs, and a back-up system is powered by the solar PV carports.

LocationCalabasas, California
System TypePhotovoltaic (PV)
System Size94 kW
Installation CostNot available
Project Completion2013
Project SavingsSeveral PV and geothermal systems saved 310 billion Btu in heating and cooling in the first year.
Load Service AreaParking lot and visitor center
Project ChampionGarry Brown
FEMP AssistanceFeasibility study, design development, design review, and system performance evaluation

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area utilizes a geothermal cooling system via high-efficiency heat pumps at its visitor center. PV panels mounted on carport structures adjacent to the center provide shade for parking and reduce the heating effect on the parking surface. The stored electricity from the solar carports supplies power to the center and to the exterior lighting at the carports.

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