Aerial view of PV panels on the roof of the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.
Lightbulb illustrating 50%.

The 1.44-kW PV system on the remote North Rim of the park provides 50% of the power to the visitor center.

LocationGrand Canyon, Arizona
System TypePhotovoltaic (PV)
System Size1.44 kW
Installation CostNot available
Project Completion1995
Project SavingsReduced fuel costs
Load Service AreaVisitor center lighting display, lighting, and computers
Project ChampionCurt Edlund
FEMP AssistanceDesign development, design review, funding assistance, and system performance evaluation

Grand Canyon National Park is an early pioneer of the NPS Go Green campaign. Its North Rim—which is more remote, less developed, and less visited than the South Rim—offers a serene and enthralling Grand Canyon experience. The North Rim’s integrated PV system is the primary power source for a combined visitor contact station and ranger residence.

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