The Environmental Radiological Assistance Directory or ERAD, developed by AU-22, serves as an assistance tool to the DOE complex for protection of the public and environment from radiation. The ERAD is a combination webinar/conference call, designed to provide DOE and its contractors a forum to share information, lessons-learned, best practices, emerging trends, compliance issues, etc. in support of radiological protection programs developed in accordance with DOE O 458.1.

1.  Past Presentations 

2021: Presentations on:

  • DOE-HDBK-1240-2021, Institutional Controls Implementation Handbook for Use with DOE P 454.1, Use of Institutional Controls
  • Institutional Controls at Uranium Mill Tailing Radiation Control Act (UMTRCA) Sites
  • Legacy Management’s Application of the DOE Institutional Controls

2020: Presentations on:

  • Subpart H-National Emissions Standards for Emissions of Radionuclides Other Than Radon from Department of Energy Facilities
  • Radiation Protection Computer Code and Maintenance Program (RAMP)
  • Updates to the RESRAD-OFFSITE Version 4.0 and Revisions to the RESRAD QA program
  • Bioassay Monitoring at Los Alamos National Labs (LANL)
  • Special Bioassay at LANL
  • When is a Wound a Wound? OPEX-LANL
  • Investigation of a Pu-238 Skin Puncture Event

2019: Presentations on:

  • Small - Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Program Update - Savannah River National Laboratory

2018:  Presentations on:

  • Nuclear Safety Information (NSI) and Corporate Safety Performance Dashboards
  • Instructions for NSI and Corporate Safety Performance Dashboard
  • Radiological Occurrence Reporting and Processing System (ORPS) Overview
  • Variable Operating Experience (OE) Program Overview

2017:  Presentations on:

  • Introduction of MODARIA II Working Group 1
  • The MODARIA I and II programmer
  • Participation in IAEA Model Validation Programs - A Summary of the RESRAD Experience

2016:  Presentations on:

  • MARSSIM Revision 2
  • DOE Accident Prevention and Investigation Program Update
  • Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Investigations
  • Current Topics in the Field of Low Dose Radiation Biology

2015:  Presentations on:

  • Introduction to Dose Assessment Methodology and Turbo FRMAC Software
  • Sampling Prioritization

2014:  Presentations on:

  • Visual Sample Plan (VSP). To view this presentation please e-mail Kathy McClellan at
  • Radiological and Enviromental Science Laboratory (RESL)
  • Variable Voltage Substation Electric Fire
  • Department of Energy Laboratory (DOELAP) Accreditation Program
  • ORAU - What's New with Independent Verification at DOE sites

2013:  Presentations on:

  • DILs for Tritium
  • Keep shipments safe and secure
  • Facility decommissioning training program
  • DOE Corporate Operating Experience

2012:  Presentations on:

  • Environmental Measurements in an Emergency
  • Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor (BGRR), D&D
  • Authorized Limits for Portsmith Oil Inventory
  • Clearance of Real and Personal Property
  • RESRAD Family of Codes
  • Knowledge Information Management Tool
  • Integrated Cloud Based Data Management System
  • Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment

2.  Questions and Answers