Systems integration research in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) supports the advancement of reliable, resilient, secure, and affordable integration of solar energy onto the U.S. electric grid. Learn more about how solar energy integrates with our nation’s electric grid.

The systems integration research and development activities funded by SETO support innovations that advance a modernized grid—one that integrates solar energy and other generation and energy-storage resources while ensuring reliable power, that utilizes cutting-edge digital technologies to monitor and control system components, that is economic and scalable, and that provides strong protection against physical and cyber risks. This includes studying the integration of solar with energy storage, load control and other distributed energy resources.

In September 2021, DOE released the Solar Futures Study, a report that explores the role of solar energy in achieving these goals as part of a decarbonized U.S. electric grid. Learn more about SETO’s goals.

Two-way Power Flow Diagram

Within SETO’s systems integration research area, efforts are focused on several topics. Learn more about them below.

Research Topics

SETO funding for systems integration research helps to develop new opportunities for solar to not only supply electricity generation, but also provide grid services and real-time control responses that are essential for safe and reliable grid operations, and can even help to restart segments of the distribution system if the grid goes down. Projects in this research area are managed by the systems integration team. Learn more about SETO’s funding programs and current funding opportunities.  

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