The U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2023 Project Peer Review on April 3‒7, 2023. The presentations from the Systems Development & Integration – Emerging and Supporting Technologies session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2023 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Systems Development & Integration – Emerging And Supporting Technologies




Technology Area Introduction

Robert Natelson


Cellulosic-Derived Advantage Jet Fuel

J. Will Medlin

The Regents of the University of Colorado

Production of renewable cycloalkanes from ethanol for blending with jet fuel to enhance energy density and material compatibility and reduce particulate emissions

John Hannon


Higher energy-content jet blending components derived from ethanol

Gozdem Kilaz

Purdue University

Novel Method for Biomass Conversion to Renewable Jet Fuel Blend

Mukund Karanjikar

Technology Holding

Drop-in Renewable Jet Fuel from Brown Grease via the Biofuels ISOCONVERSION Process

Jeff Rine

Applied Research Associates

Hybrid HEFA-HDCJ Process for the Production of Jet Fuel Blendstocks

Manuel Garcia-Perez

Washington State University

Virtual engineering of low-temperature conversion

Ethan Young


Improved biomass feedstock materials handling and feeding engineering data sets, design methods, and modeling/simulation tools

James Dooley

Forest Concepts

Agricultural and Woody Biomass to Diesel Fuel with FT Intermediate

Matthew Summers

West Biofuels

Near-critical Fluids Treatment for Liquefaction and Extraction of Bio-Fuels

Ashwani Gupta

University of Maryland

Scaling Up Biocrude Derived Anode Material (BDAM)

Sunkyu Park

North Carolina State University

Bio-crude Production and Upgrading to Renewable Diesel

Dave Dayton

Research Triangle Institute

Microchannel Reactor for Ethanol to n-Butene Conversion

Brian Paul

Oregon State University

Integrated Reactive Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis System for Advanced Hydrocarbon Biofuels

Dave Dayton

Research Triangle Institute

Integrated Separations to Improve Biocrude Recovery for Biofuels and Bioproducts

Dave Dayton

Research Triangle Institute

Bio Oil Co Processing with Refinery Streams - PNNL, NREL, LANL

Reinhard Seiser


Advancing the Development of Biofuels for the Maritime Sector – ORNL, NREL, PNNL, ANL

Michael Kass


Multi-stream Integrated Biorefinery Enabled by Waste Processing

Susie Dai

Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Advancing wood heater evaluation methodology for accelerating innovation - LBNL, BNL

Rebecca Trojanowski


Automated Wood Stove UFEC23

Guillaume Thibodeau-Fortin

ISB Marketing

Swirl Stove: Swirling combustion for efficient wood burning

Paul LaPorte

MF Fire

Fire MAPS - Secure Performance Monitoring and User Alerts System (for wood burning stoves)

Paul LaPorte

MF Fire

Development of Forced-Air Combustion Systems with Automated Controls to Reduce Emissions from Cordwood Room Heaters in Everyday Use

Nordica MacCarty

Oregon State University

Clean Combustion Technology with Efficient and Autonomous Wood Heater Operation over the Full Cycle

Ajay Agrawal

The University of Alabama

Simulation-Driven Design Optimization and Automation for Cordwood-Fueled Room Heaters

Shawn Midlam-Mohler

Ohio State University

Advanced Low-Emission Residential Fluid-Bed Biomass Combustor

Bartev Sakadjian