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ADRO staff engage in various outreach activities within the DOE complex and the greater federal ADR community to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques.  To that end, ADRO staff are members of the Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group (IADRWG) Workplace Conflict Management Section (“Workplace Section”).  This group provides guidance on “best practices” in ADR program development, education, and technical assistance to meet the needs of federal agencies interested in further development and enhancement of their workplace dispute resolution programs.

Among the activities of the Workplace Section is the ADR Lunchtime Series (generally held on a monthly basis). The ADR Lunchtime Series, which is hosted by ADRO and held at the DOE’s complex in Washington DC, features speakers who are federal ADR practitioners and administrators, professors, and private ADR consultants. These speakers present current, useful, and thought-provoking sessions relevant to federal workplace ADR programs and beyond. To receive notices about upcoming ADR Lunchtime Series programs, please go to the web at

In addition to the ADR Lunchtime Series, the Workplace Section has launched a Conflict Management Consortium, a self administered, regularly convening group that serves as a learning and networking forum in which members develop and exchange experiences and knowledge about federal workplace ADR programs.  The consortium meets on a bi-monthly basis and provides ongoing forums for further development by ADR professionals within the federal system.  ADRO staff also provide support in administering the CMC meetings.

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