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Guest Speaker: Christopher Kriesen

ADR LUNCHTIME SERIES - Narrative Mediation: What You Need to Know About the Next Step in Conflict Resolution

Ever notice how some disputes seem to run deeper than the conflicting positions of the parties involved?

A great advance in dispute resolution was to move negotiations from position based negotiations to interest-based negotiations. While positions may be in conflict, interests are not, and a skilled mediator can move the parties past their conflicting positions to their harmonious interests. Fair and sustainable agreements follow.

This approach is excellent when interests are not in conflict. But how can you resolve a dispute where the interests are also in conflict? This seminar will explore a root cause of conflict - conflicting narratives, which create conflicting interests, which in turn create conflicting positions. We will discuss how to identify conflicting narratives and then work with each party’s narrative to develop new, harmonious narratives.

Guest Speaker: Christopher Kriesen - Mediator, Attorney, and Arbitrator