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The Alternative Dispute Resolution Office (ADRO or the ADR Office), in the Office of Hearings and Appeals, serves as a resource to explore efficient and cost-effective means of managing and resolving conflicts and disputes. We offer mediation, facilitated discussion, consultation, and training.

The ADR Office's services are available to all DOE federal employees and contractors nationwide, including those at DOE's field offices and labs, Power Marketing Administrations, NNSA, and EIA.

The ADR Office's case-related services are:

  • Confidential
  • Informal
  • Voluntary
  • Free

To learn more about our services or sign up for future offerings, please visit the links below.

The ADR Office offers many services including mediation, facilitation discussions, consultations on how to manage issues in the workplace, and workshops and education.  Click here to learn about each one in more detail and view our services brochure.

We offer open enrollment workshops, supervisor forums, and more.  Visit our workshops and education page to learn more about our training and outreach programs and sign up for future offerings.

Focusing on ADR-related developments and current issues, the ADR Office serves as the host and coordinator of the Interagency ADR Working Group's ADR Lunchtime Series. These quarterly programs feature speakers who are experts in their fields and garner viewers from all over the country. Presented via WebEx and telephonically, viewers can submit questions for the speaker to answer in real-time, and organizations across the DOE complex often host a local event where individuals can gather to view each presentation.

Watch our past Lunchtime Series webinars here.

The ADR Office's Events and Newsletter list includes, but is not limited to, the ADR Review newsletter, invitations to free workshops put on by our office, ADR Lunchtime Series announcements, and other events hosted by other DOE resources or interagency ADR groups. Subscribers can expect 1-3 emails per month from this list.  Visit this page to be added to the list.

The ADR Office has additional resources available to help learn about and promote conflict-healthy work cultures.  Click here to learn more.

Interested in the ADR Office's history at DOE?  Learn more here.


For more information on the ADR Office's services or for assistance with a DOE (federal or contractor) workplace issue, please call 202-586-4002 or email us.