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The Office of Nuclear Energy is working to deploy nuclear energy as a solution to help tackle the climate crisis, strengthen our energy security, and provide equal economic opportunities for every community.

Office of Nuclear Energy

The Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) mission is to advance nuclear energy science and technology to meet U.S. energy, environmental, and economic needs.

NE has identified five goals to address challenges in the nuclear energy sector, help realize the potential of advanced technology, and leverage the unique role of the government in spurring innovation:

  1. Enable continued operation of existing U.S. nuclear reactors.
  2. Enable deployment of advanced nuclear reactors.
  3. Develop advanced nuclear fuel cycles.
  4. Maintain U.S. leadership in nuclear energy technology.
  5. Enable a high-performing organization.

Each goal includes supporting objectives to ensure progress and performance indicators to measure success. Read more in the Office of Nuclear Energy Strategic Vision.


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