The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers resources to help federal agencies implement energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs). ESPC resources are listed by essential education, phases of the ESPC process, and general information.

ESPC case studies and training are also available.

Essential Education

These resources offer helpful information about structuring sound ESPC projects with sustained savings.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) ESPC Master Contract and Modifications

Federal Goals and Requirements with Performance Contracting

ESPC Training

FEMP Services and Primary Activities During ESPC Project Development Process

Frequently Asked Questions and Best Practices

Savings Allowed to Fund Payments

Phase 1: Acquisition Planning

Documents, templates, and guidance for phase 1 of the ESPC process.

Preliminary Planning for Specialized Energy Conservation Measures

Phase 2: Energy Service Company Selection and Preliminary Assessment, Project Risk and Responsibility

Documents, templates, and guidance for phase 2 of the ESPC process.

Notice of Opportunity

Preliminary Assessment

Project Risk and Responsibility

Notice of Intent to Award

Phase 3: Project Development Through Task Order Award Resources

Documents, templates, and guidance for phase 3 of the ESPC process.

Establishing Escalation Rates for Financed Projects

Task Order Request for Proposal

Investment-Grade Audit Process

Proposal Review: Task Order Financial Schedules

Proposal Review: Pricing

Proposal Review: Financing

Task Order Award

Phase 4: Implementation, Construction, and Project Acceptance

Documents, templates, and guidance for phase 4 of the ESPC process.

Phase 5: Performance Period

Documents, templates, and guidance for phase 5 of the ESPC process.

Measurement and Verification

Documents, templates, and guidance for measurement and verification (M&V) in ESPCs.

M&V Process and Guidelines

M&V Plan

M&V Post-Installation and Performance Period

Other Resources