Integrating monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) software tools into performance contracts is a timely topic given recent developments in MBCx software offerings and the growing number of MBCx deployments nationwide. Many commercial building owners have started to install MBCx software tools that tie in advanced metering infrastructure, building automation systems, and local weather data to enable ongoing commissioning and identify energy conservation measures.

To support federal and commercial building owners in understanding, procuring, and implementing MBCx software tools, this report provides an overview of their capabilities, the MBCx process, and how MBCx can be integrated into—and benefit—each phase of a performance contract. This report is intended to spur increased use of MBCx in performance contracts, whether an agency has previously installed or is considering adding MBCx at the time of their project. Additionally, case studies illustrate successful experiences using MBCx within performance contracts at a university campus and across a large number of buildings managed by the General Services Administration.