The Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management’s Office of Resource Sustainability (ORS) administers the Department’s technological development and approaches for reducing the environmental impacts of our historical and continued use of fossil fuels.  Reducing the environmental impacts of fossil fuel infrastructure and reducing emissions throughout the supply chain is critical to achieving net-zero emissions.

The Office of Resource Sustainability supports a just transition to clean energy while minimizing the environmental impacts in sectors where fossil fuels are difficult to avoid.  These goals will be accomplished through policy, research, innovation, outreach, and stewardship.

The Office Resource Sustainability has two major offices:

The Office of Research & Development advances technologies and solutions to reduce the environmental impacts and emissions associated with fossil energy development, use, transportation, and storage.  This includes reducing emissions in the production, transportation, and storage of oil and natural gas; developing advanced remediation technologies for produced water, abandoned mines, abandoned wells, and the conversion of methane to useful products; and improving the economics and environmental performance of critical minerals extraction, processing, use, and disposal.

The Office of Regulation, Analysis, and Engagement regulates the import and export of natural gas, conducts analysis of fossil fuel and carbon markets, assesses policy and regulatory proposals, leads outreach for domestic and international engagements, and addresses environmental and energy justice impacts for communities most impacted by fossil fuel development and use.   

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