The Advanced Remediation Technologies Program develops technologies to be applied to the remediation and prevention of environmental impacts from the recovery of fossil energy resources.  The program will conduct RDD&D technologies to address wellbore integrity, induced seismicity, water use, produced water treatment, and offshore safety and spill prevention.  Research efforts leading to develop solutions that address the environmental impacts of oil and natural gas development. 

The advanced remediation technologies program focuses on: 

  • Produced Water treatment and reuse technologies and water management research and development. 
  • Addressing Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources, which is comprised of: Onshore research portfolio focuses on developing basin-specific technologies; and Offshore research portfolio focuses on innovative solutions to solve the challenges associated with offshore spill prevention and infrastructure stability. Along with providing support to the Offshore Energy Safety Institute (OESI 2.0), in collaboration with Department of Interior – Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) on best and safest technologies for spill prevention and offshore technologies. 
  • Gas Hydrate R&D continues to be focused on fundamental understanding of hydrates and degassing of methane to the atmosphere due to global climate change impact of hydrate bearing reservoirs.