February 22, 2024

DOE Announces $2.7 Million to Provide Workforce Development Opportunities in Energy Communities with Expanded Eligibility

FECM has announced up to $2.7 million available to help local communities across the country create a roadmap toward repurposing existing energy assets, with expanded eligibility for participants

February 15, 2024

Biden-Harris Administration Invests $17 Million to Strengthen Nation's Critical Minerals Supply Chain

Funding from President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda Will Support the Conversion of Coal and Coal Byproducts Into Critical Minerals and Materials for Advanced Clean Energy Technologies, Creating Jobs in Energy Communities 

February 13, 2024

DOE Issues Notice of Intent to Fund Mixed Algae and Wet Waste Feedstocks R&D for Biofuels and Bioproducts

DOE's Bioenergy Technologies Office and FECM announced their intent to issue funding to support R&D projects for converting algae and other wet waste feedstocks into low-carbon fuels, chemicals, and agricultural products

February 12, 2024

DOE Announces Up to $100 Million for Pilot-Scale Testing of Advanced Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies

FECM announced up to $100 million to support pilot projects and testing facilities to demonstrate and scale carbon dioxide removal technologies

February 9, 2024

EPA and DOE Announce Intent to Fund Projects to Reduce Methane Emissions From the Oil and Natural Gas Sectors as Part of President Biden’s Investing In America Agenda

Funding from the Inflation Reduction Act will help oil and natural gas sector operators cut methane emissions and transition to innovative methane emissions reduction technologies, while also supporting partnerships to improve emissions measurement and provide accurate, transparent data to impacted communities

January 29, 2024

DOE Seeks Information on Industrial Demonstration and Deployment of Carbon Capture Technologies

Input will inform President Biden’s Investing in America agenda toward commercialization of technologies that reduce industrial carbon pollution

January 11, 2024

DOE Invests $800,000 for Workforce Development Opportunities in Energy Communities Across the United States

Eight local government and non-profit organizations will receive funding and technical assistance toward repurposing existing energy facilities, equipment, and infrastructure

January 10, 2024

DOE Invests $17 Million for University-Led Projects to Advance Decarbonization and Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Funding Supports Science and Engineering Students from Underserved Communities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Other Minority Serving Institutions

December 21, 2023

DOE Announces Intent to Fund Projects That Transform Carbon Emissions Into Valuable Products

FECM has issued a notice of intent to provide funding for large-scale conversion of carbon emissions into environmentally responsible and economically valuable products

December 19, 2023

DOE Invests $45 Million to Reduce Carbon Pollution

Nine projects across the country will capture and transport carbon emissions for safe, permanent geologic storage or conversion into long-lived products