Energy Saver provides energy efficiency and renewable energy information to U.S. consumers, including families, homeowners, renters, and drivers. 

Heat & Cool

Energy Saver offers information on your options for home heating and cooling and water heating, as well as tips for using your systems efficiently and reducing your bills.



Home energy audits and weatherization efforts such as air sealing and insulation should be some of the first steps when improving the energy efficiency of your home.


Home Design

The home design or remodeling process is a great time to improve energy efficiency or consider adding a renewable energy system.


Electricity & Fuel

Electricity and fuel power our homes and vehicles. Save money and energy with efficient purchases and habits.


Do-It Yourself Savings Projects

DIY Home Energy Savings Projects: Step-by-step guides to home energy improvements

Take energy savings into your own hands by following our step-by-step instructions to home energy efficiency improvements. Learn more.