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A home is more than just shelter: homes are the most important places in our lives. So, doesn’t it make sense that it should be as healthy, safe, and comfortable as possible? With so many different types of homes to choose from, selecting the right type of home for your lifestyle is important.  Some types of homes may require different considerations when it comes to energy efficiency. You may be wondering how to improve the efficiency of an apartment, manufactured home, or home you don't own, or you may be considering a home with unique design characteristics, such as a log home or earth-sheltered home.

Manufactured homes are one type of home that may require special considerations for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Photo courtesy of Florida Solar Energy Center.
Tips for Renters and Rental Property Owners
Tips to help renters and rental property owners to save money and energy.
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Efficient Earth-Sheltered Homes
An underground or bermed earth-sheltered house can be weather resistant and energy efficient.
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Energy Efficiency in Log Homes
Before designing or purchasing a log home, you should consider several factors related to energy efficiency.
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Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes
Like site-built homes, new manufactured homes (formerly known as mobile homes) can be designed for energy efficiency and renewable energy.
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LEED-Certified Homes
LEED-certified homes are designed to provide clean indoor air and ample natural light and to use safe building materials to ensure our comfort and good health. They help us reduce our energy and water consumption.
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Zero Energy Ready Homes
Zero Energy Ready Homes are affordable and cover a wide variety of home types.
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WaterSense-Labeled Homes
WaterSense-labeled homes meet consumers’ demand for all the comforts of home while using less water and energy and spending less money on utility bills.
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