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The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office supports early-stage research and development to improve the affordability, reliability, and performance of solar technologies on the grid. Learn more.


EERE Success Story—Researchers Illuminate Solar Panel Wear and Tear to Improve Longevity
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University use electroluminescence and machine learning to reveal the evolution of solar module degradation.
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Department of Energy Announces Prize Competition to Accelerate U.S.-Based Solar Manufacturing
The American Made Solar Prize will incentivize the nation’s entrepreneurs to develop new processes and products for the solar marketplace.
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National Lab Uses Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Solar and Other Distributed Energy Resources
New Research at SLAC National Accelerator Lab uses artificial intelligence applications to help utilities better integrate their solar resources.
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Department of Energy Announces $12 Million to Advance Early-Stage Solar Research
Eight projects to advance predictive modeling capabilities for solar generation.
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EERE Success Story—Sun Number Partnership with Zillow Brings Solar Potential Scores to Millions of Americans
Sun Number Scores show a home’s solar potential and are now available on Zillow’s website for more than 84 million homes across the United States.
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Energy Department Launches Up to $15 Million to Tackle Solar Desalination
DOE announced funding to develop solar desalination technologies that will help create freshwater from otherwise unusable waters.
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Energy Department Invests up to $32 Million to Improve Resilience of the Nation’s Power Grid
DOE announced up to $32 million for research and development that will further improve the resilience of the nation's electric grid.
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Energy Department Announces Achievement of SunShot Goal, New Focus for Solar Energy Office
Average price of utility-scale solar is now 6 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).
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2020 Utility-Scale Solar Goal Achieved
The solar industry has achieved the 2020 utility-scale solar cost target set by the SunShot Initiative.
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Blog Posts

Ask a Scientist - Dr. Sarah Kurtz
In this new blog series, we ask Energy Department researchers about their life as scientists working with energy efficiency and renewable energy.
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Concentrating Solar Power Could Provide the Flexibility and Reliability the U.S. Electric Grid Needs
Developments in concentrating solar thermal power could improve grid flexibility by unlocking new choices to better meet grid operator needs.
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Confronting the Duck Curve: How to Address Over-Generation of Solar Energy
Energy Department research is taming the duck curve by helping utilities better balance energy supply and demand on the grid.
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New Solar Collector Tech Could Lower Costs for Concentrating Solar Power
For the first time ever, ganged heliostats could be a viable option for new concentrating solar power systems.
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Step by Step: How SunShot Influences the “Going Solar” Process
Should I make the leap to solar energy? Is my home suitable for solar? Does it make financial sense to go solar? Who should I go to for installation?
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Total Eclipse of the Sun: How Will Changing Solar Power Output Impact the Grid?
While only lasting about two minutes in each location, the eclipse will dramatically decrease output of photovoltaic power plants across the U.S.
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4 Unusual Uses of Solar Power
As costs drop and energy production rises, solar technologies will be put to more work. Here are 4 unusual uses for solar power today.
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Installed Capacity vs. Energy Generation: What's the Difference?
Capacity is the maximum output of electricity that a generator can produce. Generation is the amount of electricity that is produced over a set time.
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4 Fast Facts about Solar Prosumers
Four fast facts that every solar prosumer should know.
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Making Progress on Solar Energy Storage
The Energy Department is working toward maximizing the use of solar energy to produce electricity—even when the sun isn’t shining.
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Want to know where the Solar Energy Technologies Office funds solar energy projects in the United States? Check out the Solar Projects Map to sort through all current projects, and visit the Funding Opportunities webpage to apply for research and development funding.

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