Generating Power for Generations

Every day, Americans are making the choice to power their lives with solar energy either through installing it on their rooftops or by joining a community solar program. Over the next few years, millions more will take advantage of the tax credits available for consumers and businesses and follow suit.

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) is connecting the dots for you—demonstrating how solar energy investments accrue over years to benefit individuals, communities, and the nation.

What are the Benefits of Solar Power?
  1. Solar energy creates household savings – While the amount of savings you will see depends on a variety of factors, solar owners can see their energy bills dramatically reduced—savings that will accrue for the lifetime of the system. Community solar can provide savings for those who rent their homes or whose roofs aren’t suitable for solar panels, and can also help to reduce the energy burden of low-income households, which pay three times more of their monthly income on energy bills than others.
  2. Solar deployment generates economic opportunitiesThe solar industry—from manufacturing to installation and maintenance—can get more people into careers in clean energy, launch small businesses, and contribute to growing local economies.
  3. Solar installations help maintain power through - and recover from - extreme weather or other disruptions – Having solar panels can give you the freedom to disconnect from the grid, but if combined with storage or microgrids, it can help whole communities prevent disruptions in and to rapidly restore electricity if the grid goes down.
  4. Solar electricity gives you the power to own your energy production Owning your solar system is a cost-effective option for millions of Americans, and new models for financing and community solar programs will enable households and communities that lack access to solar electricity to own their energy future.
  5. Solar power benefits the environment – Transitioning away from fossil fuels and adopting renewable energy helps to improve air and water quality and helps the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate climate change.
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