This page displays the links to available presentations from Day One and Day Two of the Bioenergy Technologies Office's (BETO) Biomass 2013 conference. Approved presentations have been made available via secure PDFs—copying or using any materials without the consent of the presentation owner is prohibited.

Day One, July 31, 2013

Welcome and Introductory Keynotes

  • Valerie Reed, acting director, BETO, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Chuck Grassley, U.S. Senate (R–IA)
  • Michael Carr, principal deputy assistant secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DOE

Energy and Climate Change

  • Dan Utech, deputy director for Energy and Climate Change at the White House Domestic Policy Council

Update from INEOS Bio

Opening Plenary Session: Celebrating Successes—The Foundation of an Advanced Bioindustry

  • The Progress of the U.S. Ethanol Industry—Bob Dinneen, president and CEO, Renewable Fuels Association
  • Cellulosic Technology Advances—Thomas Foust, director, National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Not All Chemicals Are Created EqualTM—Susan Hager, senior vice-president, Corporate Communications and Government Affairs, Myriant
  • New RIN Generators—John Kasbaum, senior vice-president of commercial, KiOR Inc.

The Success of Advanced Biofuels

  • Anne Steckel, vice-president of federal affairs, National Biodiesel Board

Afternoon Keynote: Bioenergy Policy

  • Margo Oge, formerly the director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, currently a visiting scholar at the International Council on Clean Transportation

Afternoon Plenary Session: Current Trends in the Advanced Bioindustry

Breakout Session 1: New Developments and Hot Topics

Session 1-A: Biomass and the U.S. Competitive Advantages for Manufacturing Clean Energy Products

  • Gary Anderson, economist, NIST
  • Thomas Robb, manager of institutional relations, Abengoa Bioenergy
  • Rina Singh, director of policy, Science and Renewable Chemicals, Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Section, Biotechnology Industry Organization
  • Libby Wayman, director, EERE Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Session 1-B: Advancing Alternative Fuels for the Military and Aviation Sector

  • Nate Brown, Alternative Fuels Project manager, Office of the Environment and Energy, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Steve Csonka, executive director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Research Initiative
  • Casey Howard, military legislative assistant, Senator Mark Udall's Office
  • Jill Stuckey, acting director, Herty Advanced Materials Development Center
  • Chris Tindal, director of operational energy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy

Session 1-C: Beyond Biofuels

  • Larry Baresi, professor of biology, California State University, Northridge
  • Mark F. Davis, Thermochemical Platform Program manager, NREL
  • Ramon Gonzalez, program director, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA–E), DOE
  • Dan Robertson, chief scientific officer, Joule Unlimited

Session 1-D: Natural Gas and Biomass to Liquids

  • Suresh Babu, senior program manager, Biomass Program Development, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Josephine Elia, graduate student, Princeton University
  • Vann Bush, managing director, Energy Conversion, Gas Technology Institute
  • Chris Perkins, research and development director, Sundrop Fuels

Session 1-E: Examining Biomass Sectors that are Gaining Traction, Breaking Ground, and Building Capacity

  • Dick Bratcher, senior consultant, Energy and Environmental Issues, KEMA
  • M. Seth Ginther, executive director, attorney, Hirschler Fleischer
  • Tim Portz, executive editor, Biomass Magazine
  • Patrick Serfass, executive director, American Biogas Council

New Directions and New Business Opportunities for BETO

Day Two, August 1, 2013

Day Two Opening Keynotes

  • John Garamendi, U.S. House of Representatives (D-CA)
  • Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Promoting Sustainability on a Global Scale

  • Martina Otto, head of the policy unit, United Nations Environment Programme

Opening Plenary Session: Bioenergy Sustainability—Charting the Path Toward a Viable Future

  • Jody Endres, assistant professor, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois
  • Al Lucier, senior vice-president, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement Inc.
  • Dennis Ojima, professor and senior research scientist, Colorado State University
  • Nathan Rudgers, senior vice-president, Farm Credit East

Breakout Session 2: Frontiers and Horizons

Session 2-A: Synthetic Biology and the Promise of Biofuels

  • Jonathan Burbaum, program director, DOE, Office of Science, ARPA–E
  • Pablo Rabinowicz, program manager, Biosystems Design Program, Biological and Environmental Research (BER), DOE
  • Pamela Peralta–Yahya, assistant professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Heike Sederoff, associate professor, Plant Sensory Genomics and Metabolic Engineering, North Carolina State University

Session 2–B: End Use and Fuel Certification

  • John Eichberger, vice-president of government relations, National Association for Convenience Stores
  • Paul Machiele, center director for fuel programs, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Robert McCormick, principal engineer in Fuels Performance, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Brian West, deputy director for the Fuels, Engines, and Emissions Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Bill Woebkenberg, Fuels Technical and Regulatory Affairs senior engineer, Mercedes-Benz

Session 2–C: Navigating Roadblocks on the Path to Advanced Biofuels Deployment

  • Alan A. Del Paggio, vice-president of Upstream and Renewables, CRI Catalyst Company
  • Arunas Chesonis, CEO and chairman of the board, Sweetwater Energy
  • Andrew Held, senior director of feedstock development, Virent Inc.
  • Carl Wolf, business development manager, LanzaTech
  • Brian Duff, principal biorefinery engineer, Northrop Grumman Corp.

Session 2–D: Working Together: Conventional Refineries and Bio-Oil R&D Technologies

  • Thomas Foust, director, National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • E. Thomas (Tom) Habib, Jr., director, Customer Research Partnerships, W.R. Grace and Co.
  • Jeffery M. Jacobs, vice-president, Biofuels, Chevron Technology Ventures
  • Corinne Valkenburg, staff engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • John L. Jechura Jr., STS, process department manager, URS

Afternoon Keynote

  • Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Keynote Success Story

Afternoon Plenary Introduction

Demonstration and Deployment Successes

Closing Remarks

  • Valerie Reed, acting director, BETO, DOE