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What is the DOE eGuide Lite?

The DOE eGuide Lite teaches organizations the basics of better energy management. This includes understanding what kinds of energy they use, how they use it and how much of it they use. The eGuide Lite will also help organizations improve their understanding of energy costs and increase their awareness of options to reduce energy consumption. The eGuide Lite is based on the "learn-by-doing" model, and organizations who use this module will be guided through the steps of implementing basic energy management. The goal is that organizations who use this module will identify, plan and initiate sustainable energy improvements on an ongoing basis.

The contents of the eGuide Lite are consistent with EPA's ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management. Each section of the module identifies the corresponding steps in EPA's Guidelines. Links to relevant ENERGY STAR resources are provided throughout the guide as well.

Who should use the DOE eGuide Lite?

New to Energy Management? - The eGuide Lite is intended for those organizations who are new to energy management and want to develop the internal expertise needed for better energy management or to develop the internal capacity to consider more sophisticated energy management practices, such as ISO 50001 and the DOE eGuide for ISO 50001.

Supply Chain Implementation - It is also intended for use by supply chain parent organizations who would like to promote better energy management practices within their supply chain, especially with their suppliers where energy management is a new discipline.

DOE eGuide for ISO 50001

The DOE eGuide for ISO 50001 helps organizations improve their current energy management approach and prepare them for becoming ISO 50001 certified. Upon completion of the eGuide module, organizations will have a clear understanding of the framework that ISO 50001 establishes for pursuing continual energy improvement in their organization. If an organization is new to energy management or does not have an energy management system in place, it is recommended they start with the DOE eGuide Lite version. Those organizations already familiar with energy management and related systems may instead begin with the eGuide for ISO 50001.

Access the eGuide Lite for internal use