NOTE: The U.S. Department of Energy now offers an updated version of this tool as a part of the MEASUR tool suite. CLICK HERE for the most recent files, which are compatible with the latest Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

The Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT) is a free online software tool to help industrial users assess the efficiency of pumping system operations. PSAT uses achievable pump performance data from Hydraulic Institute standards and motor performance data from the MotorMaster+ database to calculate potential energy and associated cost savings. The tool also enables users to save and retrieve log files, default values, and system curves for sharing analyses with other users.

Intended Users

The tool is designed for industrial plant managers and personnel who are interested in improving pumping system efficiency and measuring potential savings opportunities in both dollars and electrical energy savings.

System Requirements

PSAT will operate on the following PC's:

  • 64-bit computer running Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2007 and 2010


To use PSAT, users must input the following data:

  • Pump style
  • System of units
  • Number of stages
  • Pump and motor speed(s)
  • Motor nameplate ratings
  • Operating duty (fraction of time the equipment runs at the specified condition)
  • Energy cost rates
  • Flow rate
  • Pump head (calculated from user-supplied pressure and line dimensional data)
  • Electric power or current and voltage.


Based on input, PSAT will provide the following:

  • Estimated pump and motor efficiencies and shaft powers for both existing and top-of-the-line commercially available equipment of "optimal" equipment
  • Annual energy use and energy costs for existing and optimal equipment
  • Potential annual energy savings
  • Optimization rating, which is analogous to a grade (rating of 100 is consistent with top-of-the-line commercial equipment).

Release Notes

This version replaces earlier versions of PSAT. However, if an earlier version is already installed, you run can both versions simultaneously, if desired. If you are currently using PSAT 2004, the new tool contains a utility to update log and summary files to PSAT 2008. This version of the tool and its accompanying valve tool support data measurements in either English or metric units.

Additional Information

PSAT Qualification

DOE offers a qualification program for pumping system specialists in the use of PSAT software. Industry professionals who successfully complete a PSAT qualification workshop and exam receive recognition from DOE as Qualified Pump System Specialists. Then Specialists can apply this tool in their own plants or help industrial customers identify ways to improve pumping system efficiency. More details on PSAT qualified specialists.