The Energy Performance Indicator Tool (EnPI) V5.1.5 is a regression analysis-based tool developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). The tool applies to businesses whether in the manufacturing sector, commercial buildings, federal agencies, data centers, or beyond.

Plant and corporate managers use this tool to:

  • Establish a normalized baseline of energy consumption;
  • Calculate EnPIs that account for variations due to weather, production, and other variables;
  • Track annual progress of intensity improvements and energy savings;
  • Calculate cost savings and avoided CO2 emissions
  • Calculate metrics for a single facility, multiple facilities within a corporation, or enterprise-wide.
    • Corporate energy managers can roll plant level energy data and metrics up to a corporate level to determine corporate energy performance.
  • Calculate metrics required by DOE programs: Better Plants, Better Plants Program and Challenge Partners, 50001 Ready, and Superior Energy Performance 50001 (SEP 50001). Metrics required for Better Plants reporting are formatted to enable easy entry into the annual report form. For SEP 50001, the tool calculates SEnPIs, cumulative improvement, and annual improvement/normalized energy savings.
Regression analysis is a statistical technique that estimates the dependence of a variable (typically energy consumption for energy use and intensity tracking) on one or more independent variables, such as ambient temperature, while controlling for the in


  • Monthly Energy Consumption Data (preferably separately by type of energy, e.g., electricity, natural gas)
  • Any variables that affect the energy consumption in a facility (e.g., heating degree days (HDD), cooling degree days (CDD)*, dew point temperature, product output, moisture content of the product, shift schedule adjustments, etc.)

*Cooling degree data can be downloaded from the following websites:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Weather Data Depot


The tool identifies key variables affecting facility energy performance and calculates a modeled consumption based on the independent variables selected for regression.

For the Better Plants program, the tool calculates the following fields required for the annual report:

  • Total Baseline Primary Energy Consumed (MMBtu/year).
  • Total Current Year Primary Energy Consumed (MMBtu/year)
  • Adjustment for Baseline Primary Energy use (MMBtu/year)
  • Adjusted Baseline of Primary Energy (MMBtu/year)
  • New Energy Savings for Current Year (MMBtu/year)
  • Total Energy Savings since Baseline Year (MMBtu/year)
  • Annual Improvement in Energy Intensity for Current Year (%)
  • Total Improvement in Energy Intensity for Baseline Year (%)


This tool is a Microsoft Excel based tool that can be installed and run locally on a computer. The system requirements to use the tool include:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2010 or newer.

Many companies have policies that prevent installation of external software components. Use of the EnPI tool requires a download of software to your computer. If you have difficulty downloading the EnPI tool, please send the following description of the EnPI tool (software) to your IT team to request assistance.

The EnPI tool is a standard executable Microsoft Excel COM add-in, which uses Microsoft Office libraries. The tool is downloaded from the Department of Energy (DOE) Software Tools website. The DOE website is a secure site and all tools located on the site are compliant with DOE’s security policies.

If you have issues downloading or running the tool, please contact the AMO Help Desk at

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