What we do...

Below you will find a breakdown of services provided by OCIO, as well as links and resources for the specific areas of focus. This includes OCIO support with assistive technology, DOE forms, guidance in areas such as IT Capital Planning, Privacy Program, and Records Management, as well as information on our Incident Management Program, IT Services, PKI Support, and Remote Access. 


The DOE Headquarters Accommodation Program was established to provide reasonable computer and related telecommunications accommodations for employees with disabilities. Click here for more information about the program and accommodations offered.

DOE's forms are developed within the Department and approved by the DOE Forms Manager. The forms provided are designed to serve the needs of two (or more) DOE Headquarters or field organizations. Click here for more information about forms.

The integrated Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center (iJC3) is assigned to the Cybersecurity Operations Directorate under the Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity.  The iJC3 assists in managing cyber risk and strengthening the Department’s cyber posture and incident response. Click here for more information about iJC3.

The White House Digital Government Strategy lays a strong foundation for government-wide technology modernization. In response, the Department has established 10 key objectives that will Transform, Protect, and Advance the IT ecosystem of the future. Click here for more information about IT Services.

PKI and digital identity resources

PKI Support Services provides customers with the ability to secure and transmit sensitive Department data, and/or to positively identify themselves to Department resources. Click here for more information about PKI Support Services.

Resource for Energy IT Services (EITS) Remote Access options, and assistance for EITS, EIA, IN, and SC Customers. Click here for more information about remote access.