DOE’s Office of Science shared more than 1500 stories about our research in 2019.

Nanoparticles, 2D materials, algae ecology, and dark energy were just a few of the areas where the Department of Energy’s Office of Science made a difference in 2019. Over the course of the year, the Office of Science shared more than 1500 articles describing research we supported.

Our stories fall into four categories, each focusing on a different aspect of our work: original features, laboratory articles, university articles, and research highlights. We've compiled the most popular articles of each type published in 2019.

Original Feature Articles

The Office of Science's Communications and Public Affairs team's original feature articles provide perspectives on our work that readers will find nowhere else. Longform feature articles provide big picture views of major research topics, from materials science to project management. Profiles of user facility directors, Early Career awardees, and National Science Bowl alumni put a personal spin on some of our nation's greatest resources. 

Top five original feature articles:

National Laboratory Articles

The Office of Science's 10 national laboratories report on their latest research news with timely press releases and features. They also profile scientists to highlight the passion and commitment behind the research.

Top five national laboratory articles:

University Articles

The Office of Science supports scientists, engineers, and students at nearly 300 academic institutions across the United States. These universities tell the stories of the discoveries that emerge from this research.

Top five university articles:

Research Highlights

Research highlights summarize published journal articles at national laboratories and universities based on work supported by the Office of Science. These articles feature findings that the Office of Science programs themselves choose to amplify.

Top five research highlights: