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Public participation benefits stakeholders by creating an opportunity to provide input on decisions that affect their communities and our nation.

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Public participation provides a means for the U.S. Department of Energy to gather a diverse collection of opinions, perspectives, and values from the broadest spectrum of the public, enabling the Department to make more informed decisions. Public participation benefits stakeholders by creating an opportunity to provide input on decisions that affect their communities. As we complete long-standing projects and begin new cleanup initiatives, it is important to collaborate with our neighbors and partners to ensure our cleanup projects are executed efficiently and in the best interests of the U.S. Department of Energy and our communities.

We strive to maintain a strong, cooperative relationship with local residents, municipalities, and stakeholders. We provide numerous avenues to foster a knowledgeable community that understands the vision, projects, and complexities surrounding our cleanup activities.


DOE partners with government agencies and educational institutions that provide independent, impartial, and qualified assessment of cleanup activities and offer independent technical considerations and recommendations on problems facing the environmental restoration and re-use at the Sites.

DOE works with designated Community Reuse Organizations to identify reuse options at the sites.

Site Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards were created to involve stakeholders more directly in DOE EM cleanup decisions. When stakeholders share their opinions by becoming involved in clean-up discussions, federal decision-makers and cleanup activities are improved. Public input helps agencies to make decisions that are cost-effective, community-specific and environmentally sound, which lead to faster, safer cleanups. 


Portsmouth and Paducah Cleanup Set to Make Significant Impacts
March 17, 2020
EM’s Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office is set to make the first major skyline change later this year with demolition beginning on the X-326 building.
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Portsmouth/Paducah Cleanup Leads Contracting Officer Back Home
March 3, 2020
Growing up in Kentucky’s capital of Frankfort, Tyler Hicks knew a lot of state employees.
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Paducah's Lone Oak Middle School Advances to DOE National Science Bowl
February 25, 2020
On February 21, 2020, a team from Lone Oak Middle School of Paducah, Kentucky won the U.S. Department of Energy’s West Kentucky Regional Science Bowl.
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Paducah Site Tour Fascinates Louisville Science Teacher
February 14, 2020
Louisville science teacher Amy Shumate last year visited the Paducah Site and plans to incorporate what she learned into her instruction.
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