Paducah Citizens Advisory Board Meeting

DOE is committed to fostering meaningful public involvement in environmental remediation decision-making at its cleanup sites. The Paducah Community Relations Plan describes how DOE will provide opportunities for the public to become involved in cleanup decisions at the Paducah Site.  Interactive communications enable the public and other stakeholders to learn about the environmental program so they can effectively provide input.

Students compete in DOE's West Kentucky Regional Science Bowl, hosted by PPPO. 

Stakeholders are individuals, groups, communities, and other entities in the public and private sectors that are interested in or affected by environmental activities and decisions. Ongoing communications enhance DOE’s ability to consider the public’s interests in cleanup decisions.

Paducah groundwater model public exhibit

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If you would like more information about community outreach at the PGDP please contact:

Robert 'Buz' Smith

Paducah Events

May 16

Site Tours

Annual tours provide a close-up view of the former uranium enrichment facilities and a unique opportunity to become oriented with the history of the plant, its current activities and its future missions.

Interested participants must pre-register and tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  To register, please visit