The West Kentucky Regional Science Bowl sponsored by DOE brings teams from all over the region to vie for the opportunity to compete at the National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C.

Area students participated in an Eco Fair sponsored by the Paducah Citizens Advisory Board.

Middle school students work with water bottles and powdered drink mix to learn how contamination interacts with surface and groundwater.

DOE supports efforts that encourage students to excel in mathematics and science and to pursue careers in these fields. DOE Paducah encourages site contractor involvement with area students. Activities focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as well as social skills, teamwork, and motivation. Mentors use models, sampling tools, videos, and illustrations to help students connect classroom science with real world careers along with the educational requirements needed for those careers.

Science Bowl

DOE Paducah annually hosts the West Kentucky Regional High School Science Bowl for middle school and high school teams at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering – Paducah Campus. The West Kentucky Regional Science Bowl invites middle and high schools from surrounding counties in western Kentucky and southern Illinois. The regional competitions typically have close to 18 middle- and high school teams compete, which are sponsored by DOE and various business and local organizations. Over the several months, more than 9,500 high school students and 4,500 middle school students compete in 70 high school and 50 middle school regional Science Bowl tournaments across the country.

The DOE National Science Bowl® is a nationwide academic competition that tests students’ knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics. Middle and high school student teams from diverse backgrounds face-off in a fast-paced question-and-answer format, being tested on a range of science disciplines including biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics, energy, and math.

High school students compete in a verbal forum to solve technical problems and answer questions in all branches of science and math. Each team is composed of four students, one alternate student, and a coach. Regional and national events encourage student involvement in math and science activities of importance to DOE and the Nation.

The National Science Bowl for Middle School Students was started in 2002 and includes two types of competitions: an academic math and science competition, and a model car race. The car race provides the students with a “hands-on” science and engineering experience where the teams design, build, and race their model cars.

More than 275,000 students have participated in the National Science Bowl throughout its 27-year history, and it is one of the nation’s largest science competitions

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