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August 11, 2020
Buildings 3034 and 3036 are located at left in Isotope Row in the heart of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Addressing these facilities will eliminate significant risks, and their removal will provide valuable space for new research missions.
EM Advances Next Major Cleanup Phase in Oak Ridge
OREM recently received authority to conduct work inside five buildings at ORNL and Y-12.
August 4, 2020
Demolition of the Centrifuge Complex at Oak Ridge presented challenges due to the size and height of its structures. Some buildings stood 180 feet tall. That's too tall for conventional demolition equipment designed for buildings with a maximum height of
Crews Finish Takedown of Centrifuge Complex in Oak Ridge
EM’s cleanup at the East Tennessee Technology Park took a major step forward with removal of the Centrifuge Complex in late July.
July 28, 2020
Demolition begins on Building K-1600. The 42,000-square-foot structure was formerly used as a test and demonstration facility for uranium enrichment centrifuges.
Demolition Underway on Final Building at ETTP in Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management and contractor UCOR have begun demolishing Building K-1600.
July 21, 2020
An aerial view of the massive K-25 footprint spanning 44 acres at Oak Ridge. Future plans call for transforming the footprint into a commemorative site as part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.
Oak Ridge Completes Major Soil Remediation Project at K-25 Footprint
Workers recently finished removing contaminated soil under a section of the former Building K-25 footprint in another major action
July 20, 2020
UCOR crews take down the Centrifuge Complex
DOE signs two-year contract extension with UCOR
DOE has signed a two-year contract extension with UCOR to maintain its environmental cleanup progress in Oak Ridge.
July 14, 2020
Cleanup locations at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Manhattan Project site, include hillsides, canyon sides, and canyon bottoms. This photo shows soil cleanup in Los Alamos Canyon, which is adjacent to the former Technical Area-01.
As U.S. Marks Trinity Test’s 75th Anniversary, EM Continues Progress at Manhattan Project Sites
On July 16, 1945, the world's first nuclear explosion occurred more than 200 miles south of Los Alamos in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
July 14, 2020
Crews are manually adding 12,000 square feet of fabric to the trusses to complete the cover for the protective tent at the Building 3026 demolition project at Oak Ridge.
EM Prepares for Demolition in Heart of ORNL
Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management and its contractor UCOR are preparing to demolish the remaining structures associated with Building 3026.
July 7, 2020
A view of the former K-832 Basin at Oak Ridge before workers removed it.
Crews Remove Basin as Oak Ridge Heads Toward ETTP Cleanup Completion
A basin that once held cooling water used in Oak Ridge’s former uranium enrichment operations has been removed.
July 7, 2020
Isotek employees Shane Miles, left, and Ryan Souza stand behind a cutting tool used to help install new remote manipulators in hot cells at Oak Ridge.
Workers Use Skill, Ingenuity to Install New Manipulators at Oak Ridge
Upgrades and construction are progressing at Building 2026.
June 30, 2020
UCOR began demolition on the Centrifuge Complex during the first half of fiscal 2020. These buildings were the largest remaining buildings at the site and spanned 235,000 square feet.
Oak Ridge’s UCOR Earns 94 Percent of Available Fee for First Half of Fiscal 2020
EM recently awarded Oak Ridge cleanup contractor UCOR $10.4 million for its performance from October 2019 through March 2020.
June 30, 2020
Crews have completed deactivation inside the 42,000-square-foot K-1600 facility. Teardown is scheduled to begin this summer.
Last Major ETTP Facility Ready for Demolition at Oak Ridge
Workers have completed deactivating Building K-1600, and now it is ready for demolition.
June 30, 2020
OREM awards local small business four-year contract
OREM awarded Management Solutions, LLC a four-year contract to provide business and administrative support from 2020-2024.
June 23, 2020
Crews use large winches to tear down a 180-foot tower of the Centrifuge Complex at Oak Ridge.
Oak Ridge Workers Successfully Bring Down ETTP’s Tallest Building
Workers accomplished a major feat during one of the largest and final demolition projects at the East Tennessee Technology Park.
June 16, 2020
Demolition begins on Building K-2500-H. The facility was located near the massive K-25 gaseous diffusion building and supported demolition efforts for that project.
Oak Ridge Marks Another Teardown on Path to Vision 2020
The Oak Ridge Office of EM (OREM) has conducted large-scale demolition at the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) for nearly 15 years.
June 9, 2020
Workers applying a fixative at Hanford Richland site
EM Marks Accomplishments Across Complex During Essential Mission-Critical Period
EM made steady progress in its cleanup mission after most field sites moved into an essential mission-critical operating posture beginning mid-March.
June 9, 2020
Oak Ridge's Centrifuge Complex
Workers Resume Demolition on Oak Ridge’s Centrifuge Complex
Demolition has resumed on the Centrifuge Complex at Oak Ridge's East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) after an almost two-month pause.
March 10, 2020
A crane lowers one of the five new vessels for a new modernized zeolite treatment system at Building 3608 in Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s central campus area. It replaces an aging system in Building 3544.
Oak Ridge Modernizes Critical Wastewater Treatment System
EM workers are making progress upgrading aging radiological wastewater treatment infrastructure essential to Oak Ridge National Laboratory operations.
March 10, 2020
Mike Franklin, a field radiological engineer with UCOR, shows students how to use instrumentation to survey and detect radiation at the STEM event at Jefferson Middle School in Oak Ridge.
Hundreds of Families Attend Oak Ridge STEM Event
Oak Ridge’s EM program and two of its contractors, UCOR and Isotek, recently supported a local middle school’s STEM night.
March 3, 2020
Holding an oversized pair of scissors, DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar and Oak Ridge Mayor Warren Gooch cut a ceremonial ribbon to mark the grand opening of the K-25 History Center.
Oak Ridge Opens K-25 History Center to Preserve Site’s Rich History
Hundreds of community members and former workers weathered subfreezing temperatures Feb. 27 to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
February 28, 2020
Ribbon cutting at the new K-25 History Center
K-25 History Center marks grand opening with ribbon-cutting ceremony
The K-25 History Center celebrated its grand opening with a public ribbon-cutting ceremony adjacent to the original building’s foundation in Oak Ridge
February 25, 2020
Oak Ridge crews began demolishing the K-1200 section of the Centrifuge Complex at the East Tennessee Technology Park this month.
Oak Ridge Makes Progress Demolishing Largest Remaining ETTP Complex
EM crews have started tearing down the second of four sections of the Centrifuge Complex at Oak Ridge’s East Tennessee Technology Park.
February 18, 2020
Oak Ridge workers celebrate a safety milestone on the Outfall 200 Mercury Treatment Facility project.
Oak Ridge Marks Safety Milestone in Mercury Treatment Facility Project
Oak Ridge workers building the Outfall 200 Mercury Treatment Facility recently achieved a safety milestone.
February 13, 2020
Dr. Charles Lomax to be keynote speaker at Scholarship Luncheon
Oak Ridge hosts 26th Annual BIG Scholarship Luncheon
The Oak Ridge Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG) is sponsoring the 26th Annual BIG Scholarship Luncheon on February 18.
February 11, 2020
An EM crew gathers before performing deactivation work inside the K-1006 Building to prepare the facility for demolition.
Oak Ridge Begins Takedown of Last Standing ETTP Lab Facility
Demolition is underway on the last laboratory facility remaining at Oak Ridge's East Tennessee Technology Park.
February 4, 2020
Bechtel National, Inc. participated in the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Diversity Summit to engage with small business owners about opportunities working with the EM Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant.
EM Prime Contractors Surpass Fiscal 2019 Small Business Goals
A number of prime cleanup contractors across the EM complex exceeded annual goals for subcontracting with small businesses.