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Office of Fossil Energy Announces Selection under High-Performance Computing for Materials Program

August 15, 2018

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The Office of Fossil Energy has announced $150,000 in funding for a project selected under the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) High Performance Computing for Materials (HPC4Mtls) program.

Under the HPC4Mtls program, DOE organizations provide funding that allows selected industry partners access to the national laboratories’ high-performance computing (HPC) facilities and expertise. This access will enable industry to address key challenges in developing, modifying, and qualifying new or modified materials that can perform well in extreme environments.

Through short-term collaborative projects between industry and the National Laboratory system the program aims to enable a step change in the cost, development time, and performance of materials in severe environments—while saving millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance across sectors. Under a solicitation released earlier this year, the HPC4Mtls program sought industry partners looking to apply high-performance computing (HPC), modeling, simulation, and data analysis to specific material challenges.

In the fifth round of selection for this solicitation, HPC4Mtls selected VAST Power Systems, Inc.’s Ultra-Clean Transient Turbine Combustor project to receive $150,000 in funding and $150,000 in funding from the Advanced Manufacturing Office, within DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).  

With this funding, VAST Power Systems, Inc. will partner with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory to work on reducing startup times and increasing the efficiency of gas turbine combustors. By optimizing the combustor, VAST hopes to increase the efficiency of single turbines by 24 percent; produce a higher net power of 60 percent; and keep emissions below California mandates without the use of catalysts or ammonia during rapid turbine startup.

The HPC4Mtls Program is part of a larger HPC4 Energy Innovation Initiative—a Department-wide effort supported by FE, EERE, the Office of Nuclear Energy, and the National Laboratories. Material advancements made through these partnerships could ultimately save industry millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance across sectors.

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