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EM Celebrates Its Veterans

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EM values the commitment and service of military veterans and their families. Learn more about Jim Daffron here.

The Oak Ridge Site, located in eastern Tennessee, is one of the three original sites in the Manhattan Project. The K-25 and Y-12 plants were built to explore different methods to enrich uranium, while the X-10 Site was established as a pilot plant for the Graphite Reactor and to explore methods for the production of plutonium. Throughout the following decades, the three sites purified isotopes, conducted advanced research, manufactured weapons components, and enriched uranium. These activities created environmental legacies that placed the Oak Ridge Reservation on EPA’s National Priorities List in 1989. Watch the video above/below to learn more about the cleanup progress and transformation happening at the Oak Ridge Site.

Field Manager

Jay Mullis has met with two key stakeholder groups since assuming duties as EM’s acting associate principal deputy assistant secretary for regulatory and policy affairs on Nov. 1.

John Arthur (Jay) Mullis, Manager


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FY23 Enacted

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Aerial view of Oak Ridge site
The East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tenn. was once a shuttered uranium enrichment complex. EM’s cleanup has transformed the site into a multi-use industrial park for the community with private businesses, conservation areas, and a national park.

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