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The Department of Energy Wind Energy Technologies Office invests in energy science research and development activities that enable the innovations needed to advance U.S. wind systems, reduce the cost of electricity, and accelerate the deployment of wind power.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

Learn the basics of how wind turbines operate to produce clean power from an abundant, renewable resource—the wind.

Wind Research & Development Projects Map

Browse through more than 250 projects in the Wind Energy Technologies Office's interactive, state-by-state map highlighting their Research and Development portfolio. 

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DOE Announces Funding for Tall Wind Tower Demonstration
January 30, 2020
DOE announces $5 million in funding for GE Renewables tall wind tower demonstration.
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U.S. Department of Energy Launches Energy Storage Grand Challenge
January 30, 2020
Energy Storage Grand Challenge will accelerate the development, commercialization, and utilization of next-generation energy storage technologies.
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Addressing Wind Energy Innovation Challenges
December 19, 2019
Addressing Wind Energy Innovation Challenges
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Offshore Wind Demonstration Aqua Ventus Project Secures Power Purchase Agreement
December 16, 2019
Maine Aqua Ventus I and Central Maine Power Company sign 20-year PPA allowing project to sell it's electricity to Central Maine Power utility.
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Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project Helps Manufacturers Develop, Certify Next-Gen Technologies
November 19, 2019
The goals of the CIP are to make wind energy cost competitive and increase the number of wind turbine designs certified to national testing standards.
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Use Your Holiday Break to Prepare for the Energy Department’s Collegiate Wind Competition
November 13, 2019
Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to work on your team's CWC 2021 application before it's due on December 9, 2019.
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DOE Announces New Grid Modernization Lab Call Projects
November 13, 2019
On November 6, 2019, DOE announced the results of the 2019 Grid Modernization Lab Call with funding of approximately $80 million over three years.
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Modeling Modernity: Key Revisions to the IEEE Reliability Test System Proposed
November 13, 2019
GMLC project publishes updates to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Reliability Test System.
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Sandia Patents Blade Design that Reduces Wakes Effects
November 8, 2019
SNL has developed a wind turbine blade design that would allow turbines to be installed closer to one another, due to a faster dissipating wake.
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DOE Awards $28 Million for Wind Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects
October 22, 2019
Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the selection of 13 projects to receive a total of $28 million to advance wind energy nationwide.
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2018 Wind Technologies Market Report
The 2018 Wind Technologies Market Report summarizes the major trends in the U.S. wind power market in 2018.
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2018 Distributed Wind Market Report
The 2018 Distributed Wind Market Report provides stakeholders with statistics and analysis of the distributed wind market.
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2018 Offshore Wind Technologies Market Report
Offshore wind market, technology, and cost trends in the United States and worldwide.
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Workforce Development and Education
Continued growth in the U.S. wind industry requires trained and qualified workers to manufacture, construct, operate, and maintain wind turbines.
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2017 State of Wind Development in the United States by Region
2017 State of Wind Development in the United States by Region is a comprehensive examination of U.S. wind energy development and deployment.
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Enabling the SMART Wind Power Plant of the Future Through Science-Based Innovation
This report explains how new energy science and technological breakthroughs could cut the cost of wind energy in half by 2030.
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Updates to the Wind Vision Roadmap
Tracking progress and updates in the Wind Vision Roadmap.
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2018 Wind Market Reports

U.S. wind power has more than tripled in the past decade to become the largest source of renewable generating capacity in the country. Three market reports released by the U.S. Department of Energy detail 2018 trends in wind technology, cost, and performance.

Several workers in yellow safety vests and white hard work with heavy machinery to prep a wind turbine blade.

Read the Wind Vision Report

The Wind Vision Report assesses the potential economic, environmental, and social benefits of a scenario where U.S. wind power supplies 10% of the nation’s electrical demand in 2020, 20% in 2030, and 35% in 2050.

Also see the Wind Vision Detailed Roadmap Actions: 2017 Update.

National Offshore Wind Strategy

The National Offshore Wind Strategy: Facilitating the Development of the Offshore Wind Industry in the United States could help enable 86 gigawatts of offshore wind in the United States by 2050 by presenting the actions and innovations needed to reduce deployment costs and timelines and providing a roadmap to support the growth and success of the industry.

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