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Key Publications

    Atlantic Offshore Wind Transmission Study
    Study finds interregional offshore transmission network would support long-term growth of Atlantic offshore wind, action plan identifies immediate steps and extended efforts.
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    The Impacts of Developing a Port Network for Floating Offshore Wind Energy on the West Coast of the United States
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory study concludes that West Coast port network could aid installation, maintenance of floating offshore wind farms.
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    Federal Interagency Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation Strategy (2023)
    In 2023, the Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation Working Group released an updated strategy to address wind turbines’ interference with critical radar missions, ensuring the long-term resilience of radar operations in the presence of wind turbines.
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    Offshore Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition
    The Offshore Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition provides detailed information on the U.S. and global offshore wind energy industries to inform policymakers, researchers, and analysts about technology, economic, and market trends.
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    Land-Based Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition
    The 2023 edition of the Land-Based Wind Market Report provides an overview of developments and trends in the U.S. wind power market for the 2022 calendar year.
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    Distributed Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition
    The Distributed Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition provides market statistics and analysis along with insights into market trends and characteristics regarding distributed wind energy from 2003 through 2022.
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    Materials Used in U.S. Wind Energy Technologies: Quantities and Availability for Two Future Scenarios
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory report finds that supplies of carbon fiber may need to increase to support accelerating wind deployment.
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    U.S. Department of Energy's Strategy to Advance Offshore Wind Energy in the United States
    DOE seeks to build on the expertise, capabilities, and resources across a range of its offices to promote offshore wind energy. This strategy identifies the many opportunities for DOE action, including the many offices that might engage in these efforts.
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    White House Fact Sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Continues to Advance American Offshore Wind Opportunities
    Two years of progress to catalyze a new clean energy industry, deliver for workers and communities, and protect biodiversity and ocean co-use.
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    Advancing the Growth of the U.S. Wind Industry: Federal Incentives, Funding, and Partnership Opportunities
    This fact sheet outlines the primary federal incentives, resources for funding, and opportunities to partner with DOE and other federal agencies.
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    Supply Chain Road Map for Offshore Wind Energy in the United States
    Study evaluates how the U.S. supply chain can evolve to support the national offshore wind target and position the industry for sustainable growth.
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    U.S. Offshore Wind Workforce Assessment
    First-of-its-kind study that examines future U.S. offshore wind workforce growth and identifies future workforce development needs.
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    White House Fact Sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Expand U.S. Offshore Wind Energy
    White House launches floating offshore wind initiatives to deploy 15 GW, power 5 million homes, and lower costs by 70% for goal of 30 GW by 2035.
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    Floating Offshore Wind Shot Fact Sheet
    Learn about how the Floating Offshore Wind Shot plans to accelerate breakthroughs for more abundant, affordable, and reliable clean energy solutions.
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    Offshore Wind Market Report: 2022 Edition
    Driven by falling offshore wind prices, federal action, & state-level commitments, the U.S. offshore wind pipeline grew 13% over the previous year, with 40,083 MW now in various stages of development.
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    Land-Based Wind Market Report: 2022 Edition
    The U.S. wind industry installed 13,413 megawatts (MW) of new wind capacity in 2021, bringing the cumulative total to 135,886 MW.
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    Distributed Wind Market Report: 2022 Edition
    The U.S. distributed wind sector added 11.7 MW of new distributed wind energy capacity with 1,751 new wind turbines installed across 15 states.
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    White House Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Launches New Federal-State Offshore Wind Partnership to Grow American-Made Clean Energy
    Governors, labor leaders, and private companies convene to boost offshore wind supply chains, lower energy costs, and support manufacturing jobs.
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    Distributed Wind Energy Futures Study
    A new study indicates that nearly 1,400 gigawatts of distributed wind capacity could be profitably deployed today across the United States.
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    Securing the U.S. Supply Chain for the Wind Energy Industry
    In February 2022, DOE released a series of 13 reports on American manufacturing supply chains, reviewing both the obstacles to a reliable supply of key materials and opportunities for improvement.
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    Offshore Wind Energy Strategies Report
    Report summarizes the current status of offshore wind and identifies strategies to support the Administration’s goals for offshore wind deployment.
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    The North American Renewable Integration Study
    The North American Renewable Integration Study (NARIS) assesses opportunities to modernize and decarbonize the North American power system through the integrated planning and operation of generation and transmission infrastructures to meet end-use demand.
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    White House Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Jumpstarts Offshore Wind Energy Projects to Create Jobs
    Interior, Energy, Commerce, & Transportation Departments Announce New Leasing, Funding, & Development Goals to Accelerate Offshore Wind Energy & Jobs.
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    Multi-Year Program Plan for Wind Energy Research
    The plan outlines the Office's research priorities and plans through the year 2025
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    The Wind Energy Workforce in the United States: Training, Hiring, and Future Needs
    NREL published a report to provide a national assessment of the wind industry workforce and hiring needs; sighting educational pathways and gaps.
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    Wind Vision Roadmap
    Tracking progress and updates in the Wind Vision Roadmap: during 2016–2017, DOE sponsored a series of working sessions to assess the Wind Vision Roadmap’s status and needs across the vision’s topical areas.
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    Wind Energy Basics

    These pages provide basic information about wind power, including how wind energy works and the history of wind energy.

    Wind Career Map

    Chart your path among the wind industry’s broad range of occupations and learn about experience and skills expectations, wage information, and educational requirements. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Energy

    A list of frequently asked questions and answers about wind energy.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Small Wind Systems

    A list of frequently asked questions and answers related to using a small wind energy system to power your home.



    • U.S. Wind Turbine Database: a comprehensive dataset of U.S. wind turbine locations and characteristics that is updated quarterly
    • Tethys: a website facilitating data sharing and the exchange of information on the environmental effects of offshore wind technology and development
    • OpenEl: Wind Power: a wiki featuring topics crowd-sourced from industry and government agencies
    • Wind Resource Database: a database and viewer with more than a petabyte of detailed wind resource data covering the United States and several other countries. 


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