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Developing Cost-Effective Solar Manufacturing
The cost of solar panels continues to drop through and innovative and efficient manufacturing process that eliminates the need for cutting blocks of silicon, greatly reducing waste.

The Technology to Market subprogram funds projects that investigate and validate groundbreaking, early-stage technology, software, and business models to strengthen early-stage concepts and move them toward readiness for greater private sector investment and scale-up to commercialization. Also known as Innovations in Manufacturing Competitiveness, the technology to market subprogram targets funding gaps that occur in the initial proof of concept, pre-commercial stage.

Today, there is one annual funding program under technology to market that encompasses projects at all stages of technology development with the goal of developing pathways to commercialization for disruptive innovation. Projects focus on a wide variety of topics including photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, and power electronics, as well as soft costs such as customer acquisition, permitting, financing, interconnection, and inspection. This annual funding program is structured to ensure that recipients achieve technical milestones during the course of their research and development project.

The Technology to Market subprogram helps small businesses develop ideas into successful technologies that benefit the solar industry. Other projects help to build a strong clean energy manufacturing sector and supply chain that produce cost-competitive clean energy products and can keep pace with the rising domestic and global demand for affordable solar energy. Additionally, hardware products like advanced inverters and utility-scale tracking systems allow solar energy to be produced as cost-effectively as possible. Cost analysis is a critical component that ties all of this work together to measure the current state of the solar industry. Projects across these areas aim to benefit the solar market and help the industry evolve and thrive. View a complete list of Technology to Market funding programs.

View the Technology to Market fact sheet (PDF).

Technology to Market Success Stories

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EERE Success Story—Sun Number Partnership with Zillow Brings Solar Potential Scores to Millions of Americans

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EERE Success Story – Silicon Solar Wafers Enter a New Dimension

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EERE Success Story—Connection Without the Costs

Consumers who are planning to go solar can now save hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in the process, thanks to a new invention that was...

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