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The Incubator program provides early-stage assistance to help startup companies cross technological barriers to commercialization while encouraging private sector investment. Since the program was launched in 2007, $138 million in government funds has leveraged more than $3.1 billion in venture capital and private equity investment, demonstrating a ratio of nearly $22 in subsequent private sector support for every $1 of federal support. More than 100 startup companies have received awards to participate in the Incubator program since it began in 2007, working to develop and launch transformative photovoltaic, concentrating solar power, grid integration, system installation, and soft costs products and services.

The Incubator program was combined with other funding programs into the Technology to Market and Technology to Market 2 funding programs with the goal of bringing disruptive innovation to the solar industry in the near term that will take root in the U.S.


The Incubator program takes an all-inclusive approach to significantly lower the total installed cost of solar energy systems. By taking breakthrough innovations and putting them through a rigorous de-risking process, Incubator allows entrepreneurs to focus on rapid commercialization. Early-stage Incubator assistance enables startup businesses to cross critical technological barriers that the investment community is unable to address. Once these key risks are addressed, the startup businesses are ideally suited for private follow on funding and success.

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