While you may or may not work in the solar industry, the adoption of solar energy impacts a diverse set of professions, from homebuilders to emergency responders. The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) has developed several resources and guides to help those working in solar and in complementary industries so they understand how they can use and benefit from the sun’s energy. Learn more:

Solar Industry Professionals

Quarterly Solar Industry Update
Each quarter, NREL conducts a presentation of technical trends within the solar industry.
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Solar Small Business and Entrepreneurial Support
These resources can help small businesses and entrepreneurs work through the steps necessary to develop and advance their solar technologies.
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Large-Scale Solar Siting
Deciding where solar projects will be installed is one of the very first decisions to be made in a project development timeline. Explore the many factors to consider when selecting a site.
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Solar Energy Resources for Job Seekers
These resources help those looking to find employment in the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. solar industry.
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Solar Lending Professional Training - Virtual Series
This virtual series is designed for community-based lending practitioners interested in expanding their fundamentals of solar finance knowledge.
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Solar Operations and Maintenance Resources for Plant Operators
After solar energy arrays are installed, they must undergo operations and maintenance (O&M) to function properly and meet energy production targets over the lifecycle of the solar system and extend its life.
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Modeling Resources for Photovoltaic System Owners
A wide array of tools can help PV system owners calculate the energy that will be generated from their solar arrays over time—from minutes to decades.
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Other Professionals

Solar Energy Guide for Homebuilders
As more homebuilders realize that solar represents a good portfolio investment, integrating photovoltaics into new construction has become a focus.
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Farmer's Guide to Going Solar
If you are an agricultural land owner and are considering your options to go solar, here are some resources to help you decide what’s best for you.
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