-- These projects are inactive --

Through the Improving the Accuracy of Solar Forecasting Funding Opportunity, DOE is funding solar projects that are helping utilities, grid operators, solar power plant owners, and other stakeholders better forecast when, where, and how much solar power will be produced at the desired locations in the United States. More accurate solar forecasting will allow power system operators to integrate more solar energy into the electricity grid, and ensure the economic and reliable delivery of renewable energy to American families and businesses.

These projects aim to improve the accuracy of solar forecasting that could increase penetration of solar power by enabling more certainty in power prediction from solar power plants. Accurate solar energy forecasting from minutes up to days ahead and spanning a spatial domain from a few up to thousands of miles represents a grand challenge. These investments will enable collaborative teams from industry, universities, and national laboratories to work together to produce cutting-edge research results that significantly improve the accuracy of solar forecasts, and deploy them in real-life situations.


On December 7, 2012, DOE announced funding for the following Systems Integration projects: